Search Engine Optimization


SEO can be beneficial to any business trying to increase sales, or traffic.

When you search for a product, or information online what do you use? The answer was probably Google. When you are searching for results online you normally click on the first result, on the first page. Ever wonder how any of the sites got to be in those positions? Most likely these websites were Search Engine Optimized, or for short SEO. SEO is the skill of ranking a site for a keyword within Google. There are many different factors that improve your rankings on Google, over 200 but we have listed a few:

  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Linking Strategies

You might be asking yourself, why would I need Maryland SEO services? The answer is pretty simple, as people search for keywords related to your business, if they find your website on the front page, you’re most likely to be clicked on. Once someone clicks on your site, you now have them as potential clients, increasing your sales and brand visibility.

You might not have the time to learn SEO, and put in the hours of work that goes into ranking websites. So it makes sense to hire a professional to do your Internet Marketing, as you are busy running a business.

Generating Traffic, and Leads

When running a website, if you are not generating traffic you are hurting your business tremendously. In order for someone to buy your product or service, they have to find your website and inform themselves on what your company does for them. Fortune 500 companies spend millions if not billions every single year on marketing and advertising. They do this to raise brand awareness, and gain visitors or leads to there website or phone services. The more visitors you receive on a website, the more likely you are to increase your sales of your product or service. People in this day and age are all turning to online marketing, and what better way to do that then the most used Search Engine in the world, Google.

How many people would you rather be visiting your website, 500 visitors a month, or 2500 visitors a month. As your business starts to generate more traffic your sales increase with it. We start to generate traffic by ranking you for search terms within Google.

Say there was a Rehab located in Maryland. This Rehab is receiving around 400 visitors every month, they decide they want to partner with a SEO agency. They work with this agency for about three months and now are ranking first for local keywords related to Rehabs. They now are receiving around 2500 visitors, increasing their opportunities for sales.

Turning Visitors Into Paying Clients

So your traffic is out of this world, and you couldn’t be happier with the results. There is a problem, your traffic is up but the amount of clients you receive every month is stable. A conversion is turning a visitor into a paying customer by either calling your phones numbers, or filling out a contact form.

It is important to take advantage of your traffic opportunities and turn it into revenue. If you have a landing page, or website you are going to want to have an eye popping opt-in. An increase in traffic gains your business exposure which is great, but we all know we are here to increase our businesses profits.

If you have a website that is pulling in 600 visitors every month, with a average of about 6 customers a month, your conversion rate is 1%. If you conversion rate stays the same and you double your traffic within a month you can expect around 12 customers. Now as you start to generate more traffic, and you have a high conversion rate you can expect many new customers. If you increase your traffic to 3000 visitors on your website you can expect around 30 customers every month.
The same principle is true when it comes to conversion rates. If I ever were to increase my traffic, and stayed at 600 visitors a month, while increasing your conversion rate to 3% you never gained more traffic but your sales went up because of higher conversions.

If you apply generating traffic, and improve on your conversion rates you company’s website will be booming in no time at all, increasing your revenue. We bring all of these steps together to double, triple, or even quadruple your revenue.

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